About Kobayashi Wood Works


Founded as a plane stock manufacturing factory

In 1924 (Taisho 13), Kobayashi Wood Works was founded as a planer manufacturing factory by Kaneji Kobayashi in Miki city of Hyogo prefecture. At that time, it was a small company with about three employees. Once the War began, the government levied the woodworking machinery and employees, which made the business stagnate. During the confusion of the postwar period, Hisao Kobayashi, the son of Kaneji, took over the business to support his seven siblings, and resumed manufacture and sale of large and small planers.
The company became a factory of high manufacturing capacity, representing 12% of national market share as a planer manufacturer. With time and the construction boom during the high growth period, the company began manufacturing fusuma (japanese traditional sliding doors) and fixtures, in addition to the production of planers


Undertaking furniture manufacturing with trusted fellows

In 1990, Tomohiro Kobayashi, the third generation, who was learning operational construction management at a major general contractor, joined the company and undertook furniture manufacturing and carpenter construction at a full scale.
In 2016, the company stopped the manufacturing of planers, and expanded furniture manufacturing into two branches; custom and mass production, and became a professional factory that can cope with both small and large lots. The company started to produce a mass quantity of furnitures for public facilities such as schools and hospitals. For hotels and wedding halls, luxury car dealerships, it could also produce in large quantity the the same quality as order made bespoken manufacturing.


Challenges of new creation for the next generation

We began dealing with the German kitchen brand “nobilia”which has the largest share of the world market in Europe. In 2020, we became the exclusive distributor in Japan, importing and selling its system kitchens and opening a showroom.
In addition, we have expanded the range of our business through various encounters, such as the new production and sales of our original private furniture brand “CoffreK”. In 2021, we entered into a business alliance with Nask Nanotechnology, Inc. to launch an antibacterial and antiviral coating business for furniture, fixtures, and equipments.
We will continue to carry on our “manufactory” technology and experience to the next generation and manufacture products that will make our customers happy.